Church copyright compliance can be confusing, complicated and overwhelming. Most church leaders want to do the right thing and honor copyrights, but they quite often just don’t know where to begin.

Christian Copyright Solutions (a BSCNC partner) has a newly-improved Copyright Compliance Report Card can help you navigate and discover simple licensing solutions for your church’s specific activities. Copyright compliance doesn’t happen overnight…it’s a process, but the Report Card is a great place to start.

CCS created a game you can play on your own without fear of judgment or recrimination. The Report Card  is for entertainment purposes only, but along the way you’ll find some very useful information and practical ideas on how to become more compliant. It will take about 5 minutes for you to answer 12 questions.

When you’re done, you’ll get a grade and a summary report on specific categories to give you an idea of where you can find licensing solutions or consider making policy changes. The Report Card offers a clear snapshot of how you’re doing and identifies where the gaps are for your staff. 


You can find more information on copyright compliance here.