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Worship Leader Boot Camp

The Worship Leader Boot Camp offers a total package of training and foundation for worship renewal in the local church. A Worship Leader Boot Camp requires about 7 hours of instruction. It is often scheduled over a Friday night/Saturday morning & afternoon with live band providing times of worship throughout the day. Other times it is scheduled to be held in a single day 8:30 – 4:30 with limited worship times (no live band).The WLBC includes the Worship Summit material. A 114-page Worship Leader Handbook is integral to the learning experience. For more information, visit Also visit the event page for a previous boot camp at

This promotional video, from a previous boot camp, will sum up much of what is covered at the event.

Worship Summit

Many churches are struggling to determine what their church’s corporate worship should look like in their setting. Many are encountering worship conflict. This 3.5 hour seminar explores factors that should be considered in this quest. The Worship Summit material is part of the Worship Leader Boot Camp–it sets the biblical and missional foundations upon which the worship leading instruction is laid. More info:

Some of the topics in the Summit:

  • What is the biblical basis of worship?
  • What does it mean to worship God with all our being?
  • What role should personal preferences play in worship?
  • How should culture impact corporate worship?
  • How should a missionary mindset impact corporate worship?
  • How is worship and discipleship intertwined?
  • Is unified worship the best way to go?
  • Is the practice of dividing our church’s worship generationally a good thing?
  • What do millennials look for in worship?
  • What style of worship is appropriate for my church?
  • If a church does sense God’s leadership to change, how can that be done in a healthy, God-honoring, people-loving manner with biblical and musical excellence?

A Personal Word

The Worship Summit is something that continues to be developed. I have seen God do amazing things through this curriculum as I have been able to lead pastors and other worship leaders through this with times of around-tables discussion. I have seen God heal churches that have had worship conflict for years as they sit down together for 3-3.5 hours to consider these things. I have found that when the biblical and missional foundations of worship are lifted up and questions causing people to consider the reality of their situation are utilized, that the Holy Spirit begins to work in lives showing them the potential disparity in the reality and God’s expectations. This is material that does not get into specifics of music requiring musical knowledge, but merely sets a foundation by which all the musical pieces should be laid upon. I have been amazed at how God has been working through this.

Breakout Classes

These classes take 60-75 minutes. 75 minutes is generally much preferred to treat the topics adequately.

*Nine Reasons People Aren’t Singing in Worship and What to Do about It: Congregations are increasingly turning into masses of spectators rather than active participants. What can we do to reverse this trend in our churches and help our congregations really participate and sing?

*Transitioning your Worship without Dividing the Church (or Leading Change in Worship): Churches all over the world end up with ugly conflict and division over worship change because they transition for wrong reasons or in a conflict-causing manner. As God leads us to transition our church’s times of corporate worship, how can that be done in a healthy, unifying manner? (This class seems to be extremely needed in so many of our churches today.)

Worship Summit, Part One: Many churches are struggling to determine what their church’s corporate worship should look like in their setting. Many are encountering worship conflict. This three-part seminar explores factors that should be considered in this quest. See information above about the Worship Summit event. This is a breakout class that would require people to attend all three sessions since each builds upon the previous and is tied together at the end.

Worship Summit, Part Two:  

Worship Summit, Part Three:

*Striving for Unity in Worship:  a pullout of the Worship Summit material focussing on finding unity in worship with special emphasis on multi-generational, multi-ethnic worship.

Songs for Worship:  There are so many sources for congregational songs today. How do you discover new songs for worship, putting them through the proper filters for text and music? How do you determine that a song is appropriate for your church?

*Mechanics of Worship: Learn how to produce sets of music with a seamless flow by considering key and textual relationships. Participants will gain tools for planning a worship service and learn how to produce a worship plan/guide that will aid in service implementation. (Just added multi-camera HD video of worship band transition demonstrations).

*Worship with Limited Resources: We will dive in to resources available for the local church to enhance their times of worship through the use of LifeWayWorship and virtual worship band resources such as Fly Worship, Worship Backing Band, iSingWorship, and Worship Band-in-Hand.

*These classes are best done in a 75-minute session.


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