Over the past years, many churches have cancelled their children’s choirs for a variety of reasons. As some churches have tried to simplify their overburdening schedules, children’s choirs were one of the first things to go in the children’s ministry. As many churches have moved to a more contemporary model, the leadership felt the children’s choir ministry was from the old school approach, and therefore no longer relevant. Others may have seen reduced participation and felt it was no longer worth maintaining the program.

Now, churches are reaping the results of dropping the children’s music programs by seeing a great reduction in the pool of young adults who are skilled in music due to fewer people receiving singing and other musical training (many schools have also abolished or cut back their music programs).

Today, in many churches, we are seeing that children’s choirs are making a comeback. Churches all across the country that have cast aside their children’s choir programs are reinstating them. New life is being breathed into children’s choir programs.

In addition to the great benefit of training up an army of skilled worshippers, children’s choirs also:

  • Help children remember, apply, and express biblical truth
  • Make kids smarter
  • Improve children’s coordination
  • Improve kids emotions and self-esteem
  • Benefit the children and the church in the areas of discipleship, worship, evangelism, missions, and fellowship

(for more on these benefits, download the supporting document: The Case for Children’s Choirs part one and part two, by Allison Smith, D.M.A)

Two major choices in children’s choir curriculum.

worship-CWSLifeWayWorship has released a new series, the Children’s Worship Series (CWS), designed to inspire a powerful generation of worshipers and worship leaders through mission, music, message and movement. Created with volunteers in mind, CWS is perfect for churches looking to start children’s choirs OR churches looking to enhance their established children’s program. CWS teaches children to worship authentically with a passion for worship that is infectious to all generations. Two age ranges are available – one for younger children and one for older children. There is no curriculum for preschoolers. Here’s some information about the series.


Growing in Grace is a comprehensive, scripturally-based music curriculum engaging multiple learning styles, developed by proven music educators and children’s choir experts. The series offers a packaged, age-specific music curriculum designed for preschool through sixth grade. Each curriculum year includes two, multi-week units filled with engaging songs, abundant resource materials, and step-by-step instructions for guiding your children’s learning experiences. Growing in Grace draws from a wealth of writers and designers committed to excellence in children’s music. Here’s more information about Growing in Grace.

Find a curriculum that fits your needs, and start training our next generation of worship musicians.

What do you find works well with children’s choirs?