Over the past months, CCLI has been meeting with SBC state worship consultants to produce the SBC Copyright Hub. We are so excited about this cooperative work to get copyright information into the hands of our churches. The hub is designed to be a convenient, single source of information and resources to help you get answers to copyright questions. Take some time today to learn more about this awesome resource.


Click this icon in the bottom left of the hub to assess Beacon.

You’ll find short videos, articles, a knowledge base, and Beacon to answer your copyright questions simply and quickly. Beacon can always be found in the bottom left corner of the page to provide instant answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Click Beacon to see the most popular recent questions. You can also ask a question, or message their team and they’ll get back to you with an answer, usually within a few hours.

Brand New SBC TOP 100

One of the most popular updates is the latest CCLI Top 100. The SBC Copyright Hub features a top 100 from just our SBC churches. So now, exclusively via the SBC Copyright Hub, you can check out the top songs as reported by other SBC churches across the US.

10% Discount for New Licenses (limited time offer)

CCLI is offering a 10% discount on any new annual licenses purchased via the Hub from now until the end of January. To qualify, the church must use the orange ORDER NOW button (top right of the page). Using this button to reach the CCLI Store will automatically trigger a 10% discount to any new CCLI License or SongSelect subscription not already held by the church. For the discount to show, the church cannot have held a particular license in the last 6 months.

Final Thoughts

I speak with church leaders about copyright issues quite often. It has been a great pleasure working with the leaders at CCLI to provide this great resource for our churches. Bookmark this page and visit anytime you have copyright questions or want to see what songs other SBC churches are using in worship.