Churches have worked hard to stay compliant with copyright laws. One area that was extremely difficult due to the lack of blanket licenses was the use of master recordings, backing tracks, accompaniment tracks, multitracks, etc. in your online services. In the past, you would have to license each one individually each time you wished to use them on your stream. Now, CCLI has released a blanket license so you can legally use these professional tracks in your streaming services. (Note: you do not need a special license to use them in your in-person service–only when you stream your service do you encounter copyright problems.)

This will allow you to now stream your services that include accompaniment tracks, multitracks, and other professional recordings that are produced by the enormous catalog of producers that CCLI covers. Your archived services are also covered under the license.

The new license is called the Streaming Plus and it will replace your current streaming license.

Now through the end of FEBRUARY 2021, you can get a 10% discount on all new and upgraded licenses if you go to our SBC CCLI page and click on the ORDER NOW button at the top right of the page.

You can learn more about this new license here. Remember to order from the SBC page to get your discount.

This is great news!!!


Final Thoughts

This new license is a long-awaited blessing for churches to help us stay copyright compliant in the more difficult world of online streaming. The leaders at CCLI have been meeting with our state worship consultant group these past months to assist us in providing support to our churches. This is a license we have been asking for and they have been able to bring it to reality now. Take advantage of a 10% discount whether you are upgrading your existing streaming license or purchasing the new license without an existing one through February 28  if you go to our SBC CCLI page and click on the ORDER NOW button at the top right of the page. This is GREAT NEWS!!!!