There are many great sites to find training for worship leaders online today. This page will give you links to sites I am aware of. Their listing here does not necessarily carry my endorsement. Check out these sources to see which best meets your needs.

Worship Leader Boot Camp Online Options

Worship Leader training that has been experienced by thousands around the world is now available in two online formats. Here is an overview of the material and a description of the two options:

This video describes the content of the
Worship Leader Boot Camp online training

Worship Leader Boot Camp Online

A self-paced, fully online version of the Worship Leader Boot Camp is now live. This course includes 29 videos with 6.5 hours of instruction recorded at a recent Boot Camp. One should expect to spend a minimum of 10 hours with this class. While this lacks the excitement and inspiration of gathering with people in a live event, it does cover the material thoroughly on your timetable. You can take time to digest the material in a slower fashion than the live event. There is no contact with the instructor in this course. [Cost $25]  Access the site here.

Basic Certificate in Worship Leadership
Worship Leader Boot Camp: BEYOND EXTREME

This takes all the material in the Worship Leader Boot Camp PLUS much additional practical material for leading a worship ministry and expands it to an online class with instructor interaction and feedback in one of two options:

Cohort Study: A small group selected to participate in these classes will work through online video teaching, resources, projects, forums, etc. to learn the material thoroughly. The group will meet each week with the instructor in a video conference to discuss the material (optional). Additionally, there is much interaction online with the instructor and classmates. Two weeks are devoted to completing a final project for the class. Participants must be committed to the entire 12 weeks. Unlike most online courses, this one has instructor interaction.

Independent Study: You have up to six months to complete the work described in the Cohort Study above. However, there is no interaction with other students nor weekly online video class meetings.

All work is done via the Moodle Classroom online platform at Successful completion of this class grants college credit towards any degree at Fruitland Baptist Bible College. Also, all who complete the course satisfactorily will be granted a Basic Certificate in Worship Leadership by Fruitland Baptist Bible College. [$175, discounts for NC Baptist churches] More information

Can’t Decide Which Variation Is Best for You?

The 12-week class with other participants gives you the great benefit of learning from one another. However, some participants found it difficult to keep up with the work. Getting behind in the 12-week model can be detrimental to the class experience. So, if you can commit to the time to the class experience, it is the preferred route, however, the independent study route covers the same material and has the same expectations minus the class interaction piece. This is best for those that need time flexibility to accomplish the class in a six-month period, if needed.

Additional Online Training Options

Bob Kauflin Worship Matters Video Intensives.

Bob has recorded a 12-session training course as a supplement to his book Worship Matters. In this video series he teaches through a broad range of topics, from practical guidance on putting songs together, growing in spontaneity, and planning a service to spiritual topics like humility, comparison, and idolatry. FREE. More information

Worship training resources, DVDs, downloadable lessons and online streaming subscription site (access to all DVD training online). Lessons in acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keyboard, vocals, harmony, bass, drums, orchestra, play by ear, band skills PA & sound tech, understanding chords, and worship leading. [$9-$30/month depending on number enrolled from church. Annual pay discounts] More information

Covenant Theological Seminary Courses, Lectures & Sermons-ALL FREE

Covenant Seminary has 45 full-length masters courses and more than 100 lectures series and hundreds of sermons. Many are worship classes. FREE   More information

Worship Ministry Training provides courses that give worship leaders the practical training they need to be confident, excellent and successful. The course library is growing, but currently has 20 hours of in-depth video courses that help you build amazing worship sets, develop healthy teams, setup reliable administrative systems, disciple your volunteers, communicate clearly and lead with confidence on stage. You can find a number of free resources on the site as well. The podcast is one of the best practical worship podcasts out there. [$99 one-time fee for all courses] More information

WorshipTraining is the worship education arm of the PraiseCharts family of websites. The WorshipTraining website exists to serve the international, interdenominational 21st century Christian community as a Worship and Arts Training, Resourcing and Development network. They have many voices that contribute to our world, from across the church spectrum, that focus on what they believe to be “essentials” related to worship. Their founding Learning Director is Dan Wilt, M.Min. [$19/month single, 10 users – $29, 25 – $39, unlimited $49] More information

Worship Central offers seven free sessions from Tim Hughes and Al Gordon. The Worship Central Course is a seven session course that looks at some of the big theological and practical issues around leading worship in the 21st Century. They are passionate about the power of worship to transform our communities and have designed the course to equip, empower and encourage worship leaders and teams to be as effective as they can be. FREE More information

Austin Stone Worship Development

They have two online training programs – Foundations & Practicals.

FOUNDATIONS is a 5-module course that walks you through some of the healthy foundations of an effective worship leader. You’ll learn How to incorporate the Word into your songwriting, practical ways to be in the Word consistently, 3 reasons why we worship, how to better engage the people you lead, how to foster a culture of togetherness with your team, practicals for set lists and Sunday planning, how to lead your team in pursuing excellence, learn about the importance of your community shaping your leadership, learn some ways other Worship Leaders are developing others, hear how hospitality can do more in developing your team
and so much more! [$150 paid in one installment or 6 payments of $30]  More information

PRACTICALS is an online training program that’s aimed at helping you grow in the practical skills of leading worship. You’ll learn how to cast vision to your team, how to structure your ministry, how to select band members, and give feedback, how to define your values as a ministry, how to run tracks in worship with Ableton Live, how to get a good monitor mix, basics of audio and, lighting for worship environments, how to craft a Sunday liturgy, how a leader deals with conflict, disciplines to, start songwriting, how to tune your church’s drum set, how to have a productive band rehearsal, how to pick songs and choose keys, and the Nashville Numbers System [$150 paid in one installment or 6 payments of $30] More information


Paul Baloche has produced three classes for online training with practical training for worship leaders and teams–Songwriting for Worship, Leading Worship, and Worship Vocal Workshop. All these classes are not offered at no cost on Paul’s YouTube channel!   More information

Instrumental instruction taught to a particular song. They have over 300 guitar lessons and ever growing collection of full band arrangements featuring in-depth teaching, chord charts, tabs and sheet music for drums, bass, keyboard, lead and rhythm guitars. Note: the lessons may teach the songs in keys not ideal for congregational singing. [limited free account. Individual $8/month with team and annual discounts]   More information

Song tutorials, guitar lessons and worship leading tips are all free.   More information

Samford University Online Certificate in Worship Leadership

The online certificate in Worship Leadership from the Ministry Training Institute at Samford University offers courses in new techniques, practices and technologies, as well as opportunities to dig deeper into biblical foundations for worship. Made up of four classes, seven weeks each, with 6-8 hours/week invested. [$199/course or $699 for all four if prepaid]  More information

Ministry Grid

Volunteer training for every ministry role including worship ministry is found on this site. [$597/year for entire church, $10/month or $100/year for individuals]  More information

The Worship Initiative

Hundreds of instrument-specific videos to help you learn the songs. Teaching from professional musicians to help you learn your instrument. In-depth devotionals and classes. [Monthly and yearly plans for individuals and groups with various pricing. Individuals: $20/month, $120/year]  More information

With tutorials, lessons, chord/number charts and tabs, your instrumentalists and vocalists can master their set list with ease. Whether you’re an individual musician, or a worship leader seeking to equip your team, these instrumental and vocal song-based tutorials can prepare the team for leading worship. Note: the lessons may teach the songs in keys not ideal for congregational singing. [$12/month with team and annual discounts]  More information

Don Moen Worship Training

Don Moen has a YouTube channel with lots of free training videos. Check out the Master Class series.  More information

Do you have other online training options you would recommend?

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