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Board of Directors Worship Prep

I am looking forward to our times of worship at the next Board of Directors meeting.

A challenge for me is finding songs that our group, coming from a variety of backgrounds and worship styles, all know so that we can have great participation in worship.

I realize that I have had to leave out several modern worship songs for this reason. Therefore, I am creating this page to acquaint our board members with upcoming worship songs. If there are any songs you do not know, I urge you to become familiar with these great songs so you can fully participate in our times of worship.

I pray that we will experience God in a great way as we worship together.

Kenny Lamm
Consultant for Worship & Music, BSCNC

All Hail the Power of Jesus Name

Trading My Sorrows

Agnus Dei

Everlasting God

Living Hope

How Great Thou Art


All My Hope










  1. Terry Stockman

    Great choices Kenny. I too look forward to our time of worship.

  2. Jon Morris

    Thanks for all the hard work, I look forward to worship with yall.

  3. Marc Francis

    Kenny – thanks for your continued efforts to lead us to worship God as we gather for BoD meetings.

  4. Matt Ledbetter

    I feel right at home with the blended worship. Great selections.

  5. Bob Lowman

    Great song, Kenny – thanks for your work to lead us well in corporate worship!

  6. Steve Williams

    That’s a good choice.

  7. Tracy Fletcher

    Great selection of songs; thanks for all you do Kenny. God bless, Tracy


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