The Renewing Worship EXPO was held a couple of weeks ago and was met with great enthusiasm as people were encouraged, equipped and inspired in their calling as worship leaders. The feedback continues to pour in from teams that had great experiences and can’t wait for another EXPO. 

Let me encourage you to embark on a journey that will give you the foundation and equipping to lead your church to the next level in worship. Consider taking just three days of your life to attend a retreat for worship leaders that will move you to a new level of leadership. Some of you may want even more, and there is an opportunity to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree in worship leadership as the next steps in the journey.

Take a look at the program and reach out to me with any questions. Thousands of people have been through this training at different levels–this is the most advanced and occurs in a retreat setting with a small group of people.

Some senior pastors have come with a few key worship leaders. Youth pastors have attended with youth worship leaders. Many worship leaders have come by themselves. Some entire teams have attended together.

Are you ready for the next step in worship leadership? Take a look and take a step.

We have one coming up in November in a wonderful mountain setting. Don’t procrastinate. Sign up now!