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Another Great Song for Intergenerational Worship – Behold Our God

Another Great Song for Intergenerational Worship – Behold Our God

I see a trend in churches across the country of bringing the generations together in worship rather than dividing our congregations by age and style preferences. Some songs rise to the top as songs that resonate with all generations. I previously lifted up two songs that I have seen recently become favorites of many congregations are He Will Hold Me Fast and Living Hope.

Behold Our God

Behold Our God is a modern hymn I have grown to love in the past months. This is a song all generations can embrace. It works great with any instrumentation you use in worship. Take some time to consider this for your congregation.

This song, written by Jonathan Baird, Meghan Baird, Ryan Baird, and Stephen Altrogge, from Sovereign Grace Music, is based on Isaiah 40:12-14, and speaks of the overwhelming glory of God.

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What newer songs are working in your intergenerational congregations?

Add your comments below to share your thoughts on great new songs for intergenerational worship. I will compile a listing in a future blog post.

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