We commonly look at the beginning of the year as a time to make resolutions. Maybe I need to start eating healthier. Perhaps I need to commit to exercise regularly. As worship leaders, I want to encourage you to consider these possibilities for resolutions for 2018:

  • As worship leaders, we cannot lead people to a place we have not been ourselves. We need to continue to grow spiritually. Take a look at Brian Upshaw’s post on Six Steps to Spiritual Growth for some great ideas.
  • Take lessons on your instrument. Often, we accept the level of proficiency that we have achieved without ever pushing the limits. Find a teacher, engage in online training, etc.
  • Learn a new instrument. Consider learning an instrument you have always had interest in playing. It will help you in working with those instrumentalists in your band, and eventually you might be able to use that instrument in leading worship.
  • Choose 2-3 people to disciple.
  • Choose 1-3 people to mentor as worship leaders.
  • Retool and sharpen your abilities as a worship leader. We often become stagnant in our leadership. Older leaders often lose effectiveness (and therefore their jobs) because of not staying fresh.
    • One of the best ways I know to become more effective as a worship leader is to engage in training through the Baptist State Convention of NC. Next week, I will be releasing an outline of opportunities that will be available in 2018. One-day events, three-day retreats and a huge training event for everyone involved in your worship ministry. In addition, we are launching online and hybrid learning opportunities to help those of you that cannot get away for an event or want to go deeper in your learning.
    • Learn how to utilize technologies with which you are not currently familiar. There are many applications and technologies that assist our work if we understand them and discern when their use is helpful. Online worship planning applications, use of stems and click tracks, virtual worship bands, and more are great tools for todays worship leader. I’ll be highlighting some of these in the coming weeks.
    • Read great books on worship. I am compiling a list of great books on worship to release in the next two weeks for you.
    • Regularly listen to relevant podcasts and read worship blogs.

What would you add to the list?