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Technologies for Churches with Limited Musician Resources, Part Two – Worship Band In Hand

Technologies for Churches with Limited Musician Resources, Part Two – Worship Band In Hand

Worship Band in Hand is a mobile app for iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch).  A limited feature Android app is now available. It provides church and worship leaders with a backing band that can be tailored to their needs.  It’s a whole worship band that fits in your hand!


Custom Mix

You can mix the songs just the way you like them. Guitars not loud enough? You can turn them up. Drums too loud? You can turn them down. Already have an acoustic guitar player? Just mute the acoustic in the app and play along.

It’s up to you what Worship Band in Hand sounds like, and your mix is saved for later when you use their Set List feature 

Click Tracks

Every song in Worship Band in Hand comes with a click track. So, you can play along and stay in time with the song!

The click comes out the RIGHT Channel, and all the music comes out the LEFT Channel. Send your iDevice’s output to your mixing board using a “Y-Adapter”, and you can send the click to your band’s monitors just like you would any other instrument.

Set Lists

You can create and edit Set Lists in the app. Add the songs you want for your next service to a Set List. Then, during practice, you can get the mix just right. When you press play on the Set List in your service, the app plays back everything just as you left it. All automatically!

Key Change

You can change the key of a song up or down a whole step (in half step increments) to better fit your voice. So, you can use each song in 5 different keys. When you’re using the Set List feature, your key selection will be saved with your mix settings.) Be careful that you only use keys that are congregationally friendly. The app does allow you to sing songs in keys not conducive to great congregational singing.

Tempo Change

iPad_MixYou can change the tempo of the song to be faster or slower.

Rearrange the Song

You are no longer stuck playing a single arrangement for a song. You can now move or remove sections of any song to fit what you need it to be. While you can move or remove sections, you are not allowed to add additional sections. Unfortunately, you are not able to save arrangements in your song list for future use as some other virtual band options give you.

Loop a Section on the Fly

When the song you are performing is inspiring people to worship, and you want to repeat the section you’re playing, simply press the loop button to repeat it. Unlike the other virtual worship bands under consideration, this one does not allow you to jump to other sections of the song; you can only loop the section you are currently on. You can utilize a bluetooth foot pedal to loop the section that is currently playing.

No Computer Needed

You no longer need an expensive computer with an expensive audio interface and special software to run multitracks or other backing band audio. Worship Band in Hand runs on all current iDevices: iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. (Now there is a limited-funtion Android app).

Support for Three Devices

Your account can be linked to 3 devices for playing songs you purchase. You can sign-in to your account at any time and deactivate devices if you need to free up an authorization.

Anyone Can Lead

You don’t have to own an acoustic guitar to lead worship anymore! Want to play bass and lead worship by yourself? Let Worship Band in Hand fill in the rest of the band, and you’re good to go. Same thing goes for Drummers, Keyboardists, Electric Guitarists, or even just singers. You do what you do, and let Worship Band in Hand do the rest!


Over 300 tracks (many duplicate titles) are currently available–all of which are downloaded through the Apple store via your WBIH app. Songs come in one key, but the app allows you to choose +/- two half steps (incrementally) above or below the key, giving you options of five keys. Be sure to choose keys that are congregationally friendly. A great asset is that WBIH has many LifeWayWorship tracks available. This allows you to purchase instrumental and vocal parts from that coordinate exactly with the track.


The app is free. Songs cost $9.99 – $19.99, the higher ones being pretty pricey for the limited functionality of the app.


Check out many additional tutorial videos to learn more about the great features available in this app.

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Kenny Lamm

Worship Consultant for the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. A frequent worship clinician and guest worship leader. Extensive work in worship renewal in several Asian countries.

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