We as worship leaders can often get into a rut of planning and leading times of corporate worship. If we are to lead the congregation into a vibrant worship experience that sets an environment for our people to encounter God, we need to be continually amazed with who God is and what He has done for us. I often say that we, as worship leaders, cannot lead people to a place we have not been ourselves.

I have heard many great sermons on one of the premiere worship passages–Isaiah 6. Just recently, Joel Stephens, pastor of Westfield Baptist Church and a past member of the BSCNC Board of Directors and Executive Committee, shared with Convention staff during our weekly chapel service a message from Isaiah 6. His message challenges believers to once again stand in awe of the Savior’s great love, mercy and grace.

The message is 30 minutes long. I encourage you to take some time and listen to it when you have opportunity. Download the file and put it in your iPod. Whatever you do, don’t miss these inspired words that every worship leader needs to hear.

Joel Stephens Chapel Message on Isaiah 6


Still amazed…