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SoundCue – Another Great iOS App for Running Tracks

SoundCue – Another Great iOS App for Running Tracks

Most audio player apps are not designed for live performance. In finding an audio player that works well in worship, I am looking for a few specific features:

  • A layout that is uncluttered and easy to read with no album art
  • Easy to navigate
  • Auto Pause at the end of each song
  • No Auto Start
  • Ability to create a playlist
  • Next song in playlist automatically loads, ready to play
  • Individual song volume adjustments

Bonus features:

  • Ability to import songs from various sources
  • Ability to adjust volume on right and left track individually

In previous posts, I have reviewed two iOS apps I found very useful for running backing tracks in worship. Take a look at the reviews of Worship Team Director and Show One. Today, I want to introduce you to another iOS app, SoundCue.

soundcueSoundCue is a simple and easy way to play back your audio tracks with one tap that was designed with live performance in mind. Providing quick playback controls and a great interface, it’s easy to layout and run your worship backing tracks with SoundCue.



Instant playback – Tap a cue and hear your track. It’s that simple. After a track is finished, SoundCue stops playback and waits for your next tap.

Individual cue volume adjustments – Each cue button has it’s own volume fader. Great for leveling out your tracks for consistent playback.

Count up and Count down timers – Know exactly how long a track has been playing and how much time is left.

Drag and drop – Quick changes are easy. Drag and drop cues to reorder your show.

Stop, Fade Out and Pause controls – Dedicated Stop, Fade Out and Pause buttons are located in the top left of the app always putting you in control

Bluetooth and AirPlay support – For more flexibility, route SoundCue to a bluetooth or AirPlay device and go where you want. (AirPlay does not support Fade Out)

Highlight played tracks – Tracks that have completely played or that are stopped using the stop or fade out buttons turn blue letting you know exactly where you are in your set.

File Support

Quickly import files from your iTunes library – SoundCue interfaces directly with your device’s built in song library letting you pull from your favorite songs

Send files to SoundCue from Dropbox, email and other apps – Any iOS app supporting file sharing can send audio files to SoundCue.

Plays all of your audio files – If your iPad or iPhone can play it, SoundCue supports it. File types include .wav, .mp3, .aiff and .m4a files.

Check out the Quick Start guide here.

Get SoundCue from the App Store here. The cost is $14.99.

About The Author

Kenny Lamm

Worship Consultant for the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. A frequent worship clinician and guest worship leader. Extensive work in worship renewal in several Asian countries.


  1. Jim

    How does this work, when you have songs that are several track numbers long (like when we import the split track cds we have) TOtal praise is 6 tracks.

    • Kenny Lamm

      The problem with ripping an accompaniment CD is that it produces multiple mp3s for one song. You will need to reconnect the individual mp3s to produce one mp3 to use in a audio player. Audacity is free software and can be used to create the combined mp3. Check out the article on Audacity You must be careful in combining the tracks in such a way that you do not interfere with the steady beat between the individual files.


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