Everyone on planet earth was created to worship. Our nature cries out to worship God. Unfortunately, the majority of the world has misdirected worship.

We all determine that something or someone is of value to us, and we say with our whole life “I value that,” “I worth that,” “I worship that” -EVERYONE has something they value most and somehow their whole person is pointed to that–they essentially worship what they deem most important to them.

Most of us are great worshipers. We don’t need teaching on how to worship–we already know. Just look around you at sporting events, concerts, etc. You see great worship taking place there. The issue is not that the quality of people’s worship needs to improve–it’s that the object of their worship needs to improve.

Take a look at full on worship. This clip captures what I am talking about. There is a lot of worship taking place directed towards Michael Jackson.

This clip is not so much about Michael Jackson, but the human heart. This shows us a picture of what we are made to me. What you saw in this video was GREAT worship. The psalmist would have been thrilled to death: lift up your hands in the sanctuary, clap your hands, shout for joy, bow down, stand in awe. ALL the expressions of worship are there. It shows we are longing for someone or something to which we direct our worship. This was great worship, but not so great god.

This is discouraging — it seemed as though these people were far more moved by that little bitty god (Michael Jackson) than the church is moved by the Savior of our lives, the Creator of this universe.

Worship is in the hearts of people. It’s in us. It’s what we do.

Jesus said, For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (Matthew 6:21)

Realize that you are a great worshipper. The people you encounter at church, in the marketplace, at school, in your neighborhood, etc. are great worshippers. It might be that the object of your/their worship may not be what it needs to be. Perhaps there needs to be a new path charted towards the throne of God.

What is the object of your worship?


Note: Many of the concepts in this post come from a seminar on worship led by Louie Giglio.