Worship Leaders Reaching Out to Those Under Their Care

In my many conversations with worship leaders during these COVID-19 days, one frustration is being able to stay connected. Several have mentioned the old school method of making telephone calls. Dr. Lawless wrote this article and I have reposted it with permission. Take some time this week to place some phone calls to your choirs and worship teams.


By Chuck Lawless

Note from Kenny: I added the designation “worship leader” to Dr. Lawless’s article using the term “pastor”.

It doesn’t take long at all. Five minutes. Just a quick phone call from a pastor to a church member. When it’s unexpected, it can be especially encouraging. Here’s why this simple ministry activity matters:

  1. Phone calls themselves increasingly seem odd today—so, the call will capture somebody’s attention. We use our phones for everything but actually talking to somebody. Sometimes, anybody calling to check on us is unusual; thus, we take note when somebody calls.
  2. Most folks don’t expect a call from a pastor. They’ve learned they must take the initiative to contact a pastor—and typically, only when they have a problem. It’s unusual to hear from a pastor just checking on us.
  3. A call from a pastor shows value and respect. Simply taking the time to phone somebody, call him or her by name, and pray says, “I care about you. I’m prioritizing ministry to you right now.”
  4. Some folks are quietly struggling, and God uses unexpected calls to strengthen them. We don’t always know what’s happening in other lives, but God does. He knows when a phone call’s in order.
  5. A spoken word of prayer can be powerful. It’s good to send prayers to folks via texts or emails, but there’s just something special about hearing somebody pray for you. A quick call from a caring pastor can restore hope.
  6. An unexpected call might even save somebody from making a bad decision. I’m thinking particularly of the person who’s wrestling with temptation or considering walking away from the church. God has a way of sending us the right person via the right means at just the right time.
  7. All of us can do this ministry. I’ve written this post primarily to pastors, but every one of us can regularly call others. A call from a pastor that ends with, “I encourage you to call somebody else and see how they’re doing” can lead to further ministry.

Pastors, I invite you to make a few unexpected calls today. Surprise—and thus encourage—somebody!

This article first appeared at ChuckLawless.com. Reposted with permission.