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The Renewing Worship blog turns five years old this month. When I first conceived of this blog in June of 2010, I really had little knowledge or vision as to what it would be, and I had very little experience with blogging. Take a look at my September 1, 2010 first post. I thought the blog could be a good resource in helping churches renew their worship, but wasn’t sure how that would play out. I thought if one church is having a problem with a specific area of worship, other churches would have the same problem or questions; therefore, I could address the problem and have a resource to direct others to.

In that first year of finding my way, we saw traffic of around 5,000 page views per month. I thought that was pretty solid. Five years later, we are experiencing average monthly traffic of over 62,000 page views. I never expected that kind of response.

Since September 1, 2010, there has been a post published each week. Time-sensitive posts have been removed, but all others that are relevant today remain available. Today, 222 posts remain active.

As we move into the next five years, I am continuing to find ways to use the blog to help resource churches to renew their worship. Here are some of the recent improvements and some that are planned in the near future:

  • Recent facelift for the blog, moving to a responsive template for better viewing on mobile devices.
  • Soon, we will be changing to the domain name We have, since the inception, advertised that name, but it points to a clunky, long URL. The new name will improve the branding, top-of-mind recall, referrals, and so much more.
  • Continuing writing on categories about which I am passionate, such as overcoming worship conflict, unified worship, participatory worship, and much more, as well as writing to help churches make sense of copyright laws. Check out the “categories” for more in-depth information.
  • Recent expansion (that will continue) to give churches a one-stop place to find online resources for worship planning and implementation (
  • The Top 100 CCLI songs with congregationally-friendly keys to help worship leaders find the right keys to create more participation in worship. In the next few weeks this list will be updated with a new sortable table that will include the new Top 100 (released September 2015) as well as songs that were previously on the list, to compile an ever-growing resource for good keys for congregational singing.
  • I will continue to develop video resources that will help train worship leaders, many of these will further the teaching in the Worship Leader Boot Camps offered around the state. One series in development is to help bands produce seamless transitions between songs in a set.
  • Promotion of events around our state to help their churches renew their worship.

What are some resources you would like to see on the blog in the coming months?

Next week, I will share some reflections on the last five years of my work with churches and what I am seeing that looks so encouraging for the future.

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