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Adjusting Our Lives and Ministry Amidst Covid-19

Times have drastically changed. Many churches are forbidden to meet together. What should our ministry look like now? What should we be doing with our time? How do we meet the worship needs of our congregations when we are scattered?

In addition to adjusting our ministries to meet today's needs, now is a great time to engage in some online training and to read great books on worship. Interested in a Certificate in Worship Studies? We will be starting a new section of our online Worship Leader Boot Camp BEYOND EXTREME soon. It is the best training we offer. MORE INFORMATION

These posts and new ones coming in the next several weeks will walk with you and help you make sense of these times. Stay tuned for much more. Follow us on our Renewing Worship Facebook page to keep up with all the helpful posts and curated articles from other sources.

Ministry Amidst Covid-19

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